Happy with WakaWaka

Recently we have been able to rejoice many families in Nepal with a WakaWaka solar light. We could donate 168 lamps, thanks to the principle Buy One = Give One of the firm  WakaWaka and the sales in the shops of Kathmandu Outdoor & Travel   in The Netherlands.

Destination Makalu and Manaslu. In November, some of the give ones were donated through Chhiree Sherpa (Nepal Trekking Best) in the Makalu region: in the village Hatiya and in the 4800 meter high Makalu base camp, where even today are a few simple lodges. In addition, a number found their destination in the Manaslu region.

Solo area. We ourselves were in December 2016 in the Solo area, south of Mount Everest. We offered the give ones in two villages: in Mera (2700 m, a few kilometers east of the airstrip Phaplu) and Khastap / Basa (2000 m). In this last village we supported the rebuilding of a medical post which was officially opened on December 14.

Additional Powers. We had this time also equipped with 8 pieces ‘WakaWaka Power’: the luxury version: Light + USB charger. Thanks to a yoga event of Running Buddha last summer. These specimens we have donated during our trip; at the medical center in Khastap, to a porter, to a shepherd woman and in four places where we were welcome to stay. Oh yes, and not to forget, to the tourism minister of Nepal, Jiwan Bahadur Shahi. So he could experience what a great gift this solar light is for the Nepali.
It was a great joy and privilege to hand out the lights; people were so happy and grateful. In fact, we received constant requests for more WakaWaka’s. It is a golden opportunity! Big thanks to the firms WakaWaka, Kathmandu Outdoor & Travel, buyers of the lights in the Netherlands!

P.S. For more information and previous reports on social work that we undertake in Nepal, visit the website of Foundation Topaspiraties. Also see the previous blog on this site for a summary report of our recent visit to Nepal. It is clear that we ourselves also have benefited greatly from our own WakaWaka Power: Both Henk, Chhiree and myself could recharge our devices (cameras, mobile, wifi receiver) with the solar light on our backpack.