Katja Staartjes

wrote 4 books about her expeditions and adventures in the mountains under the Dutch titles: TopTeams, Lopen over de grens, Top Inspiratie and Hoog spel. The book Top Inspiratie has been translated into English as Peak Performance. You can order (signed) copies of the books. Within the Netherlands no postage costs.


Moving mountains together: how to become a top team and realise peak performance. With photos from Menno Boermans.

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Lopen over de grens

Personal travel report in Dutch about the Great Himalaya Trail in Nepal. Impressive story with 468 pages / 550 photos.

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Peak Performance

English translation of Top Inspiratie

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Top Inspiratie

Dutch book about reaching your objectives & realising your dreams in 50 themes, each accompanied by a vivid photo.

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Hoog spel

Dutch book with the account of the climb of Mount Everest by Katja Staartjes, the first Dutch woman to reach the summit.

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